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“Most businesses are not getting everything they want from their current Software
and Software Vendors ?i.e. (System Security, figures don’t add up, desired reporting which is
not available and “Bugs?which never gets fixed). We CUSTOMIZE software according to our
client’s requirements, and work with our clients to achieve THEIR desired goals.
This way, the client will have peace of mind, more free time and enjoy the things
in life which really matters.?/p>

How would you feel if you could increase productivity with up to 50%?

Why RoeDeb

Totally Centralized

Product definitions.
Cash transactions.
User rights.
Surpluses and shortages.
Petty Cash expenses.
Company assets.
Clients and accounts.

Up-to-date Data

Daily new business.
Bulletin Board
Client & Account status
Automatic system updates.
Real-time transactions.

Cut Unnecessary Costs

No more waiting for data to sync.
Fewer high-cost employees needed at branch level.
More interaction between Head Office and 3rd party servers.
Immediate transaction reflection.
Electronic auditing.

Pin-point Your Capital

Keep track of income & expenses.
Keep track of disbursements.
Keep track of arrears.

Control Your Business

Your own database.
Your own backups.
Periodic NLR updates and responses.
Arrears, bad debt & provision.

Fully Integrated

AEDO Allps
Inso123 Allps (NAEDO)
Aspis Credit Life

Totally Expandable

Home Loans.
Money Transfers.
3rd Party Payments.
Many more to come...

User Friendly

Understandable pop-up messages.
Color-coated fields.
Authorized access to areas.

The ultimate centralised solution. How it started.

After several years of working in the banking industry, Pieter le Roux noticed the lack of quality in financial systems. Thus, in 2003, RoeDeb Solutions (Pty) Ltd was established. RoeDeb started of with a Home Loan system for Greenstart. Since then various modules have been added to the system, to make it easier for the money lending industry to manage their clients, their finances and their branches within the company.

FAME. Remember our name.

FAME - the system name under which RoeDeb Solutions already offers an exciting range of products and services. This system has been developed, implemented and tested in various locations throughout South Africa, as well as internationally in 12 other African Countries, with great success.

Moving Forward. Every day.

Times are changing. We here at RoeDeb Solutions realize the value of time, therefore FAME is constantly evolving and always striving to create Software SOLUTIONS for medium to large enterprises, for a better future. We also customize our clients' software, adapting to their business requirements.

Our Vision.

Developing Sophisticated Software Solutions to Improve Success in Businesses.

Our Mission.

RoeDeb Solutions develop Innovative Software Solutions, suitable for all companies in various industries. A superior solution which will be of great value to any medium to large organizations and their teams. RoeDeb’s philosophy is forging a long-term relationships/partnership with our clients. RoeDeb offers a bespoke Software Solution
and work with its Clients to ultimately provide solutions and services that are beneficial to both parties. The RoeDeb Team dynamic is complemented by extremely
competent developers with a strong and passionate management team, inclusive of a Network to ensure RoeDeb’s success and develop as Leaders in this Industry. RoeDeb’s products and services will be of the highest quality, value for money and whether sourced from within the company or externally will always add the most value and use the most effective methods available.

Module Features

Stock Control

Stock Control System
Head Office to Suppliers
Branch (Franchise) to Head Office


Product Definitions
Manual Deferments
Various Reports
Date Changes
Rate Changes
Record Keeping
Final Quotation
And much, much more...


Create a business client and capture information such as shareholders, directors, and references.
Enter financial particulars such as equity, operating expenses etc.
Create facilities for your business client (control fund allocation).
Assign loans to facilities.

Asset Register

Assets - Main groups: Sub groups:
Tracking - Automatic calculation of the monthly depreciation according to the depreciation term.
Asset Linking - Custodian Branch, Custodian User within the branch. Inter-linked with the General Ledger system.

General Ledger

General Ledger Book - Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expenses.
Balancing Checks - Product (Loan) balances against balance of every account.
Total of various un-earneds against un-earneds of every account.
Enquiries - Any calendar month in current financial year.
Total financial year.
Previous financial years.
Drill down facilities to view individual transactions.


Accurate capturing and verification of client & user fingerprints.
View fingerprint images.
Search for clients & users using their fingerprints.
Secure authentication for logging in/out.
Eliminate risk, eliminate fraud.


Petty Cash - Only one Petty Cash environment per Branch Has to receive Cash from the Treasurer (Main Teller or Strong room or Safe) to do the daily transactions when needed
Teller / Cashier - Many Cashiers per branch Has to receive Cash from the Treasurer (Main Teller or Strong room or Safe) to do the daily transactions when needed
Treasury - Only one Treasury environment per Branch Has to receive Cash from the Bank to be able to support the Petty Cash and the many Cashiers


Automated SMS Environment
Clients' Birthdays.
Mini Statement showing balance, arrears/advance,next-installment-amount & date.
Remind clients of upcoming payments.
Notifies clients about their arrears.
Secure SMS Environment.
Provides coverage to over 800 networks in 166 countries worldwide.

App Screenshots

?As a start-up in 2013, we approached Roedeb Solutions to provide us with a Loan Management System for our lending business. We were happy to enter into a relationship with them immediately as they provided a good product, competitive pricing and above all excellent customer service. From the start we had direct contact with the owners and developers and our requests were handled in reasonable time. Over the years we have grown together, customised the software to our unique requirements and maintained a good working relationship. I would recommend Roedeb Solutions as a software provider with a personal touch."

Tiaan de JagerAigars Silkalns

CEO, Greenfin Financial Services

“It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of the Company Roedeb Solutions (Pty) Ltd. I have been using their software package FAME for the past nine years, and have always been completely satisfied with their performance and assistance with a personal touch. FAME is the ideal software package to manage your micro-financing most effectively. They do an excellent job, are always ready to assist and their fees and interest are calculated 100 percent according to the legislation issued by the National Credit Regulator. I'm most happy to recommend the services of RoeDeb Solutions (Pty) Ltd. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me."

Francois Daniel Conradie

Executive Financial / HR Director, Norufin Housing

?Unity Finance used the Fame system for nearly a decade, with great success. The system is fast, reliable and user friendly. The team from RoeDeb Solutions was on hand to troubleshoot issues, anytime of day or night.?/p>

Michiel le Roux

CEO, Unity Finance

?We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the guys from Roedeb. They have always been keen to assist, and try new methods whenever they were called on to do so. Our relationship with them has always been transparent, honest and upfront. This is most appreciated in an industry not really known for ethics. I trust that our business relationship with them will continue to grow and advance into other areas of the micro-finance industry. ?/p>



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